Frequently asked questions

How much will the SkySurfer cost?

We're hoping to bring it out for under 60,000 USD.

Do I need to have a pilot's license to fly it?

The beauty of this design is that it is so light and so simple that no special license is needed.

When will the SkySurfer be available?

Late 2019, subject to funding inflows.

Why should I buy an over-priced T-shirt?

The T-shirt is part of the funding drive. Buying a T-shirt entitles the proud owner to percentage of the company. The goal of T-shirt selling is to raise 40,000 USD. Each T-shirt sells for 400 USD. Once 100 T-shirts are sold, the funding drive is over. The T-shirts are like bearer bonds and are sellable. Each T-shirt represents 0.1% of the company, as the 100 T-shirts represent 10% of the company.